3 Ways that Video Can Help Your Business

Videographer Katrina capturing ice climbing

By marketing with engaging videos and content, you will make an emotional connection with your audience. Here are 3 ways that video can help your business.

Learn how to gain exposure for your business,
educate, and create an emotional connection with your audience.

1 – Gaining exposure of your business and brand

What makes your business stand out from others? What is your “why” for you as a business owner that makes you jump out of bed? People like to connect with the human side of the businesses they are purchasing from. Are you a business that is looking to be jumpstarted again after COVID? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a hardware store, car dealer, retailer, horse trainer or a restaurant, people more than ever, want to shop locally and support their neighbors and know who they are purchasing from. With gas prices escalating and people trying to lower their carbon footprint, it makes more sense to attract your local customers, your neighbors.

You can draw more attention to your business and gain exposure by using video with your social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads, Google Ads, but more importantly you can track your results and tweak when needed! The algorithm ranks videos higher than still shots and text.
Video is great way to profile, educate and attract customers which can local or global.

Sharing what makes you stand out from other businesses, showing the overview of your business and where you are located using with drone footage, but also spotlighting your inviting environment on the inside. Sharing a quick informal interview on the business, a real-life testimonial from a customer, a quick tip for your industry.

2 – Educate by using fun and engaging videos promoting specials, products or simply answer questions asked often.

As a business owner have you ever gotten frustrated with the calls asking the same questions, which takes away from you the business owner or employees doing what is done best, creating profit? With a well scripted video, you can address the most asked questions to be shared on your website and social media in a fun creative way. This will decrease the time spent answering the same questions and speed up your workflow.

Timelapse filming for real estate property.
Filming real estate with Sony A7siii using time lapse.

3 – Increase emotional connection through personalized videos

Tap into the emotions of your customers. People love to buy from people they “feel” connected with. Videos bring people, objects and environments to life. You should feel motivated, inspired or enlightened after watching a video.

Videos showing food should capture your attention and make you hungry. Likewise, videos that highlight adventure should make you feel empowered and strong. Videos that spot light happy, friendly people make you want to get to know them or have similar traits. Emotions are a powerful tool to tap into. They can make us watch more or keep scrolling. A well-done video will engage your audience and tap into their emotions. Videos can be fun and not sales-y!

Ready to try video? Easy right? But how?

Cell phones have come a long way in the past years. iPhones and Samsungs are some of the best with the capabilities of filming in 8k video. But then comes the edit? There are free apps that make this easier to add music, adjust the contrast and saturation so that you can post to the internet directly from your phone. As owner of Katrina Toucke Video Productions, I use my Samsung a lot when I don’t have my other professional gear with me.

Cell phones do a great job on the go. However, they are limited with memory, space, and battery capacity. The apps can only do so much. It’s hard to add in sound design, transitions, and titles without coming off looking like it is … from your cell phone. Is this how you want to represent your business?

Cell phones are the most inexpensive way to go as most business owners already own a decent cell phone. But do you have the time that it takes to post? Time away from what business owners love and are the expert in—running their own business?

DO what you love and hire a pro to provide not only video but strategies

Hiring a video production company that specialize in commercial videography and are also strategist can help you know the best way to advertise. Maybe you’re thinking one 3-minute production for Facebook, when smaller videos with your branding and showing new content will be more powerful for your market. With running any ad campaign, whether it is radio, print, digital marketing and social media, ROI should be your first goal.

With Video, your customers want to feel like they have a personal contact with their suppliers, or where they shop. We all have dealt with big box stores over the last 2 years, with Covid and isolation. Now it’s time to spotlight you, your business, and your passions. Video will gain exposure for your business, educate your community, and gain an emotional connection with your audience—allowing your passions to come through to tap into the emotional connection with your customers. Emotional connection means business with loyalty from your customers.

Video is king – how will you use it for your business?

Contact us to schedule a time, to discover how video can help with your challenges while increasing your sales. There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to your business, so we provide a complimentary 1-hour meeting to learn about you and your business, and determine if video content with strategies are the right fit for your business.

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