Katrina with her dog Humphrey

Founder Katrina Toucke is a commercial video production and strategy specialist.  From pre to post production, I produce professional video content for businesses looking to grow and accelerate their profits with a ROI. I will help you identify the gaps that you may be experiencing BEFORE we enter pre-production.  By sitting down and meeting with you, the business owner, I want to learn all that I can about your business and your ideal clients.  This will help me design the best plan for you and your goals.

As a business owner, I know how many hats you are also wearing and my goal is to make your marketing easier and more efficient so that you can concentrate on what you are the expert at, running your business.

Video should make an emotional connection with your audience while showing them the problems you can solve for them!

– Katrina “Kat” Toucke


I work with realtors to showcase their portfolio of homes offered but also SOLD.

Custom Home Builders and trades to showcase their work from groundbreaking to certificate of occupancy.

Commercial businesses

Business overviews, testimonials, spotlighting what makes your business different and BETTER than your competitors.

Tourism & events

Nothing shows the thrill, the excitement, the emotions of being a tourist better than video. Tap into the “FEEL” of being here!

Restaurants and Natural Food Industries

Food is powerful right? Not only does it nurture your palette but the environment that it is consumed in is equally important. You’re will think of you first when looking for their dining choices. Keep your customers coming back by providing them with new content, your dishes, offerings, and your environment.