Katrina with her dog Humphrey

After getting diagnosed in 2011 with Multiple Sclerosis, and experiencing a devastating and disabling relapse, Katrina is sharing her story to help inspire others. 

Being the youngest of 5 children, Katrina’s youth was very unstable, and consistently experiencing numerous amounts of change. Katrina had to learn to be very independent at a young age due to being primarily raised by a single working mom, who also returned to school and then started working two jobs while Katrina was in grade school.  The standard American diet became popular when she was in grade school, which included a lot of dairy, processed foods, the microwave, and fast food.  It was great for a busy mother’s lifestyle but ultimately not great for health

Continuing Health Issues for Katrina

Unfortunately, this was the beginning of various health issues, operations and multiple rounds of antibiotics.  During Katrina’s high school years, her brother passed away unexpectedly, and the downward spiral of her health continued with Mono. After multiple traumas and years of what is now known as relapse after relapse, Katrina was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2011.  This last relapse was disabling with vision, mobility and cognitive issues compounded by an unstable and emotionally abusive relationship.  Katrina would later have every MS symptom known, all within that first year of getting diagnosed.      

Katrina vowed to fight this horrible disease in 2012 and if she ever got her life & mobility back, she would reinvent her life to be in service to others! This is exactly what she has been doing since 2012.

The Beginning of Katrina’s Redesign

2016 represented a major transition which can be scary with a diagnosis of MS.  Katrina left her old life behind and started reclaiming her new life, emotional and physically health, along with her companions, her 2 big pups, her tribe. This was a big year starting her new journey, the start of her soon to be forever home, Tootling Tranquility, her custom designed Tumbleweed Tiny House from Colorado Springs. This was Katrina’s idea on how to continue life now with a disability and being on SSDI.

After surviving 2011 – 2015 this was going to be a new challenge!   She went back to school and graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach with Advance Education in Gut Microbiome.  With a passion for real health, this would be the next chapter of her own health and helping others heal theirs. Katrina believes in walking the talk and is testament to the healing powers of the proper foods and lifestyle changes.

Inspiring Others to Empower Their Lives

Katrina’s passion is to inspire others not to give up after a diagnoses of MS.  She demonstrates how to empower yourself to take control of your life no matter what the challenges are.  Most recently she started the YouTube channel, Conquer MS, and provides weekly uploads of inspiration and education ranging from amazing Gut recipes from Tootling Tranquility’s kitchen, wisdom from the trails, and new to her channel inspiring interviews and education from those that promote health and healing.  

Katrina also volunteers as a OMBassador with Outdoormindset.org helping others experience nature after they have been diagnosed with a neurological challenge.   

Katrina enjoys hiking daily with her dogs & continues to work on redesigning her life as video producer, with Katrina Toucke video productions and as an Integrative health coach

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Kat waking her talk every day to thrive in her own live as well as to inspire others!

After landing in Ridgway in her tiny house, Tootling Tranquility,  October of 2018, Katrina is now home!  Katrina loves her new home, her community and is helping others, among the majestic San Juan mountains of southern Colorado!