After years of misdiagnosing health issues, I was diagnosed with MS in 2011. Followed by several difficult relapses, I longed for a different life. Not being able to function the same, I spent hours on the couch thinking about who I really was and what I wanted. The answer was a smaller footprint. I wanted to be authentic and follow the path I always had in my heart but never followed. I always loved Earth Day, and always wanted to do more for global warming. I kept thinking if I get the chance…

My wishes came true. I recovered to where I could get a divorce, sell my big house, and start a new life for myself in 2016. I looked at RVs but I didn’t like the plastics and chemicals that were used to create them. A friend suggested Tiny Homes. 

Designing Tootling Tranquility Tiny House

I loved the idea of Tumbleweed Tiny Homes that were built “green” and had framing like a “real house” but were on wheels. I could design the interior which I loved. I looked at other Tiny Home options but went with Tumbleweed because they were building the tiny homes the longest and again were “green”. This was my chance to OWN my beliefs!

I designed my house using beetle kill pine for the interior and stainless countertops. I wanted a Mason jar pantry because I don’t store anything in plastic. Add in a composting toilet to return all back to the earth. The Sedona dehydrator under my steps allows me to keep my food as “raw” as possible. I also got the largest refrigerator possible for keeping fresh produce and freezing healthily-prepared meals.

I chose a staircase with a metal railing to the loft versus a ladder because in the middle of the night I didn’t want to fall. I drove the Tumbleweed design team crazy trying to create an ADA model but in the end, IT’S A TINY HOUSE and not practical.  That meant  I had to get that thought out of my HEAD and focus on the fact that I wasn’t going to NEED ADA! 

So I sold my house, traded in my Jeep for a 1-ton truck and started to make plans for our next chapter!

Making Life Changes Happen

2016 was a crazy change in my life, my mom had passed away the year earlier and while my house was getting built, I received my certification for Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, specializing in Gut Microbiome. 

Katrina with her pups in front of her tiny house.

Security, peace, & freedom have always been what I have longed for in a life that had always been challenging. I wanted to hit the road, coach, and have a vagabond kind of lifestyle.  I recalled the memory of my mom and I just  in the car and  sightseeing, especially in the fall for the fall colors in New England. My mom, being from Mississippi, called this Tootling — meandering without a reason.

There was no other choice than to call my newly custom-built Tumbleweed Tiny House “Tootling Tranquility.” This is where I am “Redesigning my Life” after my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis – along with my tribe, Humphrey & Gracie, my two dogs!

Latest Musing from my Tootling Tranquility Tiny House

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