Easy Homemade Raw Cacao Chocolates for Mothers Day

Raw Cacao Chocolates

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make your Mom Raw Homemade Chocolates for this Mother’s day? With just 3 ingredients, I will show you how easy it is and so impressive! You can do it in just under 1 hour!

You can buy all your ingredients at a Natural Food Store, like Natural Grocers or Amazon. I love the silicone molds that are easy and super cute.

Ingredients and Recipe

(Be sure to watch step by step video below)
250 grams or 2.5 cups Cacao butter, shaved in small pieces
125 grams or 1.5 cups Cacao Powder
100 grams or 1 cup of Coconut sugar or another sweetener

Use a double boiler and heat water. Place ingredients in boiler and let melt 1/2 way. Start stirring and do not exceed 107.6 degrees to maintain RAW and vitamins
Once you are around 100 take off the heat and keep stirring as your pan will keep the temperature going up. DO NOT GET ANY WATER IN YOUR Cacao.
Your ingredients should be silky smooth and blended.
Now it’s time to cool down. You can use an ice bath or I used frozen meat ? to cool quickly. Bring Temp down to 88 F or 31 C. Once you reach that temperature, pour into your molds and continue to let cool completely.
Pop out of the molds and Enjoy and WOW your Mom with the beautiful homemade Cacao Chocolates you made for her!

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