Katrina’s passion is to inspire others not to give up after a diagnosis of MS.  She demonstrates how to empower yourself to take control of your life no matter what the challenges are. Most recently she started the YouTube channel Conquer MS and provides weekly uploads of inspiration and education ranging from amazing Gut Recipes from Tootling Tranquility’s kitchen, wisdom from the trails, and new to her channel inspiring interviews and education from those that promote health and healing. 

Join Katrina as she explains how it all makes sense now.  Autoimmune doesn’t just happen, but instead develops over years.  She is on a mission to keep her life amazing while serving others, helping them make their lives amazing, supporting them along the way!  

“I know first hand what each one feels like and the complications it presents. I also know how difficult it can be to get out of these situations with sometimes feeling very hopeless and depressed. I did not want this, so I fought back.”

Katrina enjoys hiking daily with her dogs & continues to work on redesigning her life as video producer, with Katrina Toucke Video Productions and as an Integrative health coach. Katrina has volunteered at the local food pantry, and has started a local chapter of www.outdoormindset.org.

Need a motivational speaker?

Kat is ready to share how she reclaimed her life and is helping others now reclaim theirs through diet & lifestyle.

Hear some coaching tips from Kat with a talk given at Mother Earth in Montrose Colorado March 2021 and aired live on their FB page.

Setting Goals: Building Your Own Confidence and Motivation

This video shares a simple but effective way to stay motivated and empowered with your day. If you would like to hear more, please look for the longer episode.

What are Energy Vampires? Motivational Speech

Discover if you have Energy Vampires and learn how to eliminate them. Let’s find out how you can rid yourself and be more productive, healthier and more confident with yourself!

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I do not make any money off of this channel.  I am only in service to those that may benefit by watching this channel.

If you would like to donate to help me continue doing what I am doing #ConquerMS, I would be grateful and appreciative.  It takes a lot of time and money (gear) to create these productions.  Bless you and may we all be healthy and happy!  Peace.

~ Katrina Toucke