Katrina, It’s now been over a year since I completed your health and Wellness program. I just wanted to say thank you again for the nutritional coaching, and the total support that you provided me with through the program. I continue to see see benefits of good nutrition and exercise. Even though I continue to be challenged with the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, my symptoms have not progressed as one might expect. I credit this to the lessons that I learned from your coaching and support. Cutting out processed foods, sugar, following those wonderful recipes in the program that you had lined out for me each week. I must admit that it was hard in the beginning because I was used to eating whatever was available and never bothered to read labels. If it would fill me up, I would eat it!  I would say that I am success story of your program. I hope that you will continue to inspire others with your personal story as well as sharing experiences like mine. Not only did you teach me about what causes inflammation to our brains and havoc to our digestive system, but how to fix it and have a healthy body and mind. I wish you continued success as you work with others as you did me. 

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