I first met Katrina in January of 2018,  soon after meeting we discovered that we have something in common- A diagnosis of  Multiple Sclerosis. I signed up for her Wellness Program three months ago and it is changing my life! Prior to entering her program I had no understanding of Gut Health, or of the important connection that the gut has to the brain nor sugar to inflammation of the brain. I did not understand that we literally are what we eat, and my horrible eating habits were aggressively aggravating my already difficult health situation. I was literally ready to give up! Katrina started with an individual assessment of my lifestyle and eating habits followed up by a 60 minute bi monthly online conference chat to talk about progress as well as any setbacks. She sets me up with a healthy clean ongoing diet and even sets me up with a weekly grocery list! She makes it easy and fun.

Before joining her program I had never cooked in my life and considered it a nuisance so I ate quick food all too often. In this program I am learning to prepare meals and am really enjoying doing it! I am losing my sweet tooth and craving the things that are good for me. I have told Katrina more than once THANK YOU.

My wife and children have also seen the change in me physically and my outlook on the future in general. I am half way through the program and by the time I am done I will have all of the knowledge and tools to keep this lifestyle going. She offers courteous yet professional feedback and suggestions as well as total support by reminding me that she is only a phone call away.

May I suggest to anyone wanting to improve their health to read Katrina’s personal inspiring story so that you may better understand how we all can improve our health with just lifestyle changes.  Katrina not only has the life experiences, in addition to her education and training, to get you to conquer your goals!  If you are already healthy  and want to improve your gut health to  STAY that way, she can help you with that also! If you you really want to see improvement in your own personal health and life, or preserve the health that you have, consider joining her life changing program.

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