Architectural Videography – Real Estate, Custom Home Builders, and Trades

Using video to spotlight and showcase your projects can really help with rankings and highlight your business. Not only do we create videos for your use on your website, but your social media and other platforms where you sell your products and capture the attention of your market.

Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent that has used photography on your website? Well-produced videos will be a powerful tool to create emotion and the feeling of being in the home of your dreams.  With so many buys located across the country, well-produced strategically designed videos will provide a feeling of formal walk thought and create buyers’ desire and emotional connection to your property.  Your listing will soon turn into your SOLD portfolio.

Custom Home Builders

Spotlight not only their building process but their subcontractors that they have expertly chosen because of their reliability and expertise in each of the separate trades. The builders and architects are just part of what creates a successful project and a beautiful dream home for the client.

Katrina Toucke Video Productions will share your progress of the build, breaking ground to final the stage of Certificate of Occupancy creating an explainer video to educate your potential customers.  In addition to an explainer video, we can provide fresh content for your to share on all your social media platforms.


Video campaigns, using fresh content highlighting your work, and designs and including customer testimonials, is a very effective and powerful way to gain new business! You will create curiosity and inspire new customers to your business.   Share your trade with the world on various social media platforms and show them what makes you the BEST.