Videography for restaurants and natural food industries

Your customers love you, right? They love coming in feeling like they are welcomed with good food, smiles, and atmosphere.  You work hard to have your restaurant; specialty food markets highlight the importance of your customer’s dining experience and cuisine. 

Dining and food can tap into not only the nourishment and enjoyment of your customers but also an emotional trigger that is caused by the food they eat.  The power of beautifully crafted food combined with a video will create a strong desire to dine in your establishment.

Katrina Toucke Video Productions will work with your establishment to provide fresh content (fine fining to eateries’ most popular offerings), and seasonal offerings, while spotlighting what makes your establishment so original and spectacular.  Sharing your dining experience with the atmosphere can be the deciding factor of where your customers dine.  

Katrina Toucke Video Productions will help you showcase the “FULL” experience to draw in new customers and keep your old customers coming back.  

By using a video campaign, and updating content highlighting your products, testimonials, and atmosphere on social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google) you can inspire more first-time and repeat customers to your establishment.

We help our clients identify what is working and spotlight that first! From there we look at your new campaigns and what new product you would like to spotlight and continually develop strategies to grow your business.