What is Skijoring? A Winter Sport for the Daring

Skijoring Snowboarder catching some air

The modern form of equestrian skijoring caught on in North America and is now an exciting, popular winter sport with organized races, events, and clinics. In 1928, skijoring was introduced as a demo sport at the Winter Olympic Games in St. Moritz, Switzerland. The horses raced against each other while towing their drivers, who skied behind.  

It’s happening in Ridgway Colorado

Ridgway, Colorado is the home of San Juan Skijoring. Founded in 2017 under the Ouray County Rodeo Association,  Ouray County Rodeo Association’s goal is to bring the winter sport of Western skijoring to Ouray County during the slower winter months.  

This event is a wonderful way to celebrate many personalities of this Southern Western slope region. We have the ranches with cowboys and cowgirls that surround this quaint town of Ridgway, Colorado. But then the world-renowned ski area and the town of Telluride is a neighbor just over the range of Mount Sneffels. 

The 6th annual event took place on January 8 – 9th, 2022.  In order to run a fair competitive event, as well as to ensure safety for competitors, horse and human alike, there are different classes to compete in. Each day included an opening ceremony, participants at different class levels competing, and events such as Switch-a-Roo. Skijoring with a snowboard is also an event. 

What is Switch-a-roo Skijoring?

Introduced in 2020, the Switch-a-Roo event has an interesting twist! Team members must switch spots from Saturday to Sunday. The team member who skis/snowboards on Saturday, has to ride the horse on Sunday and vice versa. The same horse must be ridden each day. Check out all the rules.

As a Commercial & Social Media Videographer and the owner of Katrina Toucke Video Productions in Ridgway, Colorado, this skijoring event was a blast to capture. Be sure to mark your calendars for this thrilling and fun event next year, so you too can answer the question: What is skijoring? with “I’ve seen it!”

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